The Fiber Tent

For the first couple of years, we used a fiber tent as the administration area during the preparation of the land and the first plantings of the seedlings.

The Construction of the Straw Bale House

A couple of years later, we chose an area not too far away from the fiber tent as the location of our new home. The construction of the house whose walls are of straw bale was finished in the summer of 2008.

The Inside of the Straw Bale House and Its Final Condition

The straw bale walls provide high quality natural isolation for the winter cold and the summer heat. One doesn’t feel the temperature swings even in a continental climate like that of Central Anatolia; and the isolation is so good that sometimes it’s hard to get cell phone reception inside the house. Actually, the mud plaster mixed with straw bale is used frequently on the traditional architectural landscape of the Cappadocia region.

The Straw Bale House is Fun with the Guests

The Garden and the Poultry House in Front of the Straw Bale House

There was a garden with tomatoes, peppers and the basic in front of the fiber tent; and when we moved up to the straw bale house, it moved up with us. We usually plant basic vegetables here and use them for cooking in the summer time and store and freeze the excess for winter time. Now there is also a poultry house across the straw bale house and the eggs we eat in the morning come from there.

Winter Time Cooking

Locally, both vegetables and bread are dried and stored in the summer to be used for winter cooking. The tomato paste is especially taken care to be prepared in the summer time and lasts us all throughout the winter.



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