Finding the Water for the First Time

Once the location of the farm was decided, we had to make sure that the water sources were used responsibly and efficiently. At first, a caisson well was built in the area with the most spring water by first digging a reservoir and then filling it in with pebble stones. Later on, water reservoirs were built at locations on the mountain where the surface waters were abundant.

Building the Water Reservoir

A while after the making of the caisson well; we needed a water reservoir for collecting this water. The rocks that were collected during the preparation of the land were used as barrier to build the natural water reservoir, which was at first at 20 thousand cubic meter of volume, and then at 50 thousand cubic meter. Apart from the rocks, layers of clay were used in forming the barrier.

The Storage Tank Up Top

Building the Storage Tank Up Top

Apart from the water reservoir, another water storage tank was built at the highest point of the farm so that we could take advantage of gravity during irrigation.

Latest from the Second Storage Tank

As the trees started growing, we built a second storage tank in order to collect the surface water running free during winter and supply the trees with adequate water.



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