The Village

The village called Eskiyaylacık is located on a road off of the highway connecting Gülşehir and Hacıbektaş in the Cappadocia region. The village formerly known as Deller is said to be the first place that Haji Bektash Veli wanted to settle in.

The Myth of the Mountain

A mountain pasture of eighty households
If you follow the road, you will cross the town square and leave the village continuing on with the village cemetery on your left side and the farmland to your right. If you drive forward for another kilometer, you will see a dirt road on your right. Riding on this dirt road for about 10 minutes will bring you to the entrance of the Cappadocia Farms.

What is nowadays known as the Cappadocia Farms used to be the pasture for the villages around the ‘Hırka Mountain.’ The area around the Church known as the ‘Ala Kilise’ on the higher grounds of the farm used to be inhabited by Greeks. There used to be around 80 households in this area back in the day. The houses were mostly adobe houses in this pasture and this is where people came to spend the summers as it was cooler, greener and had more water during the heat waves.

Old Walnut Trees on the Pasture

The director of the Forestry Division in Nevşehir at the time that the farm was being founded was Eren Bircan. He grew up in a village, Fakuşağı, across the river of Kızılırmak. He could see from Fakuşağı the Hırka Mountain, barren at the time. His dream was to grow up to be a forest engineer and turn the mountain green. He was the one who helped the partners while they were scouting a location as well as setting the farm up.

The pastures had had many a trees back in the day, especially oak, before the mountain had turned barren. There are still some walnut trees aged over 100 years around the farm. There are around 100 of these old walnut trees, if you count the ones in the village down the hill from the mountain as well as on the mountain.

The Migration Out from the Pastures

With the migration to Germany in the 60s, the pastures ceased to be a location that the villagers used during the summer months. Thereby, the land around Hırka Mountain was forgotten and not used for cultivation for many years.



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